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Check out our table runner grazers.


They are lovingly and thoughtfully created, taking your preferences and requests on board, we will provide you and your guests with a work of foodie art that will not only tantalise your taste buds but will be an assault to your senses and a feast for the eyes.  Perfectly apportioned so we don’t leave anyone out this display is sure to wow your guests and leave them all wanting more!


*There is an additional charge for prop’s depending on amount which we will discuss with you



No two orders are ever the same, we create our grazing tables for you and your guests. Got a theme? We can design the table and it’s contents around your dream event.  Our grazing tables are elegant but affordable – created just for you.


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Grazing tables.


Our innovative grazing tables are quite simply lavish, sophisticated, modern and a whole lot of fun.


Ideal for (but not limited to) larger events, be it your dream wedding, special occasion or celebration, family gathering or girls night in we will design your tables to reflect your personality and event style.


With the use of strategically placed risers, crates, rustic boards and quirky dinnerware our grazing tables are certain to make a statement, create memories and leave an ever-lasting impression with you and your guests - your wedding or event will be the talk of the town!

Grazing Tables


Each grazing table comes loaded with a variety of local cheeses, cured meats, home-made scotch eggs and sausage roll’s, gourmet crackers, artisan bread, nuts, olives, falafels, seasonal fruit, crudities, chutneys and dips. *


Please note - we do not provide cheese knives, tongs, cutlery or plates unless requested to do so - please talk to us about your requirements when booking your table.




1 metre – (up to 30 people) Starting from £295

1.5 metres - (up to 45 people) Starting from £445

2 metres – (up to 60 people) Starting from £595

3 metres – (up to 90 people) Starting from £895

4 metres – (up to 120 people) Starting from £1195

5 metres – (up to 150 people) Starting from £1495

6 metres – (up to 180 people) Starting from £1795


Please contact us for bespoke packages.


Graze by Dish | Event Catering Company | Grazing Tables
Graze by Dish